Zo gaat het er achter de schermen aan toe bij Instagram fenomeen Sorelle Amore
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Zo gaat het er achter de schermen aan toe bij Instagram fenomeen Sorelle Amore

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Ze is mooi, ze is grappig, ze is avontuurlijk, maar vooral: ze is natuurlijk. Sorelle Amore wordt steeds populairder op sociale media, maar blijft trouw aan zichzelf in dit fake sociale media wereldje. Een genot om te volgen!

Best Job on the Planet

Haar carrière begon een paar jaar geleden, toen ze besloot naar IJsland te verhuizen en zich in de fotografie te verdiepen. Enkele bikinifoto’s in de sneeuw maakten haar al snel populair op Instagram, en kort daarna won ze de wedstrijd Best Job On The Planet, waardoor ze 10 000 dollar per maand betaald werd om de wereld rond te reizen. 3 maanden lang zou de Australische influencer haar verblijf in 12 verschillende luxepanden over de hele wereld moeten documenteren. Ze schreef 10 artikels en maakte maar liefst 45 video’s voor de website van Thirdhome, het bedrijf dat de wedstrijd lanceerde. Ze startte in Schotland, kwam daarna terecht in Costa Rica, Fiji, en vloog dan verder naar nog 12 andere bestemmingen. Van een droomjob gesproken!

Most likely, definitively, 100% the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever stayed in. This stay was part of @3rdhome’s ‘Best Job On The Planet’ adventure which started almost 8 months ago now! 😳 Instead of sleeping at this hotel for my layover, I spent the night taking photos. Justifiable – clearly. I haven’t been posting new content for a while as I’ve been locked away building something massive. A few more weeks to go, but I’ve got itchy feet. So tomorrow I’m off on a big adventure and plenty new piccies and videos of my adventures coming your way…whilst I continue building this massive thing. Ps. How good is life?! Ok peace. . . . #TheSorelleExperience #QueenComingThrough #TravelMore #CostaRica

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Tijdens haar reis kreeg Sorelle Amore steeds meer volgers. Ze besloot dat dit enorme kansen bood, en dat reizen hierbij onontbeerlijk was. Ze vond de nodige sponsors om haar droom waar te maken en is intussen uitgegroeid tot een Youtube-fenomeen geworden. Twee keer per week post ze video’s over haar passies, reizen en haar minimalistische levensstijl.

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Advanced Selfies

Sorelle reisde heel vaak alleen en moest noodgedwongen een techniek vinden om zichzelf zo goed mogelijk te fotograferen. Ze boekte inmiddels zo veel vooruitgang dat ze zowaar een expert is geworden in het maken van ‘Advanced Selfies’. In haar video’s op Youtube legt ze met veel enthousiasme uit hoe je best poseert, waarop je moet letten bij het kiezen van decors en hoe je zo snel mogelijk je fotografie verbetert. Na veel worstelen met zichzelf heeft ze eindelijk haar roeping gevonden en laat ze ons allemaal meegenieten van haar prachtige creative content.

I can be weird, wild, crazy and I don’t have to make videos about beauty

In case anyone wants to understand my own journey of being comfortable in front of the camera, only after about 2 years of using myself as a model in my advanced selfies, I finally became comfortable enough to have close ups of my face. I started off crazy nervous so my self portraits were from very far away. The more photos I did, the more comfortable I became and the closer I got to the camera. But it took 2 years because I was convinced I wasn’t able to photograph well. Practice makes perfect. Being able to capture myself beautifully has really done wonders for my confidence and it helps me now to conquer all aspects of life. On a side note, I just dropped my first ever master preset collection pack!! 17 hipster presets all in my signature moody style. They are 20% off for launch for the first 2 days. I’m sure you’ll love them! Thank you so much for your endless support and yay for my first ever product! It’s super scary putting this out but you guys wanted it! So here is it! Link in bio 🙂 . . . #AdvancedSelfie #SorelleAmorePresets #HipsterPresets #HipsterEditing #MoodyEditing

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my next steps. I’m desperately feeling the need to do something big and meaningful and was wondering if I will, what that could look like, whether the desire to do something meaningful is normal and if maybe I should just be grateful and I’m overthinking my role in the world. After all, I’m just one person. I post piccies, post videos which put a smile on your face but I know my heart wants more. I want to feel like I’m truly making a global difference. After all – like one of my best friends says “no matter what you touch, it always turns to gold”. Not bragging but it’s true. So I might as well do something that will help the world. And then I met Devon today – an incredible man working with an INCREDIBLE strategy to bring filtered water to the planet. He’s working to remove plastic water bottles from the equation (bad for the environment, often times bottled water is just bad, chemical filled water that comes from rusty pipes which I didn’t know). The introduction of clean water to the world will increase people’s mood, health, spirituality and creativity dramatically – after all we’re mostly made out of water (why has no one thought to address clean water access on a major level before I don’t know!). Then he wants to introduce water to parts of the world that don’t have it. Devon expressed to me that he’s been on this journey for 4 years and struggled for a while and I see now everything is coming together for him. I can see he’s going to change the world for the better. And my heart filled with joy. Guys I need to desperately find that giant ‘thing’ to work on that will help make a giant difference. I want to scan the global problems and choose one to tackle. I hope I find it soon. I do desperately want to help. Starting my search right now… . . . 📷 @make_strange – thank you Danny for this photo. It’s so eerie and represents my inner turmoil very well right now, as well as being in water. What a perfect art piece to back up this post. . . . #PlasticFreeWorld #BeTheChange #DoSomething #StandForSomething #ABetterWorldIsComing

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I meaaaan…I think this might be my best photo I’ve taken of myself to date. Advanced selfie on steroids 😱 I’ve also whacked on one of my presets which will be fricking available on Sunday! What?! My moody as hell, vintage feel preset collection will be out in just a few days. I’ve called the collection…hem hem…HIPSTER AF! 🕺🏻 It’s to celebrate my recent major hipsterification of eating as organic as I can, trying to be as plastic free as possible, 90% vegan, dressing in second hand or organic clothing, drinking filtered water. I’m ridiculous. But anyway…can’t wait for you guys to get these presets in your little hands. It’s gonna be swell. Show me your poops 💩 if you’re excited (if you know, then you know). . . . #AdvancedSelfie #SorelleAmore #SorelleAmorePresets #Iceland #Reykjavik

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